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RESPECT is our guideline. RESPECT makes people proud. RESPECT is the first step to friendship.

MobiDigger has a simple, clear and non-negiotanable code of conduct:

1. We And Our Users, The Community Of Diggers, Respect Each Others Privacy: We never invade your personal life or data. Our users and customers are the master of their data, they decide, if, when and to whom they are open.

2. We Serve Our Users:
We help. Anything what´s possible to help - we do it.

3. We Act Responsible, Take Action, Where Necessary, And Respect Each Other: We are a part of this world, of our community. We want to take part. As a company and as persons we give our best to envolve social efforts. We are partnering with charities to support their causes, which offer a new community of healing and hope for young people suffering from chronic trauma. Our youth are in crisis due to experienced and witnessed violence in the home and on the streets. Help them eliminate violence from within their own lives and their community by walking them through a multi-stop healing process.
We are hiring great people from the community. To know more about this, please [ contact us ].

4. We Preserve Confidentiality For Our Diggers:
As privacy, confidentiality is part of the inherent idea of MobiDigger. Whatever we find out, whatever is told us as a private information, we keep it confidential under the law.

5. We And Our Users, The Community Of Diggers, Protect Our and Others Assets And Intellectual Property:
We are not infringing other people´s or companies? assets. If we like to use something, we ask and ait for allowance.

6. We Obey the Law:
Under any circumstances we are acting lawful.

7. We And Our Users, The Community Of Diggers, Are Having A Good Time and Try To Offer This To All People:
We party, we dance, we cheer. And we invite all people to join us.

8. We And Our Users, The Community Of Diggers, Solve Conflicts Or Problems In A Respectful, Creative Way:
Under any circumstances we are acting respectful. We listen to you. We will find a solution.


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