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   [Never Worry About Your Privacy & Safety Again!]

  • Never share your personal data like phone # or email address with strangers!
  • Receive offers and coupons without reveeling your phone # / email address!
  • MobiDigger is the "alias & domain name service" for mobile phones:
    MobiDigger enables you to communicate safely and preserve your privacy at a tip of your fingers.
    Our service offers mobile addresses / nicknames and provides immediate, personal and safe relationships for mobile people and advertisers. MobiDigger is naming mobile phone numbers via a mobile messaging system, using a shortcode (96527), which brings a nickname/address to your conventional, existing mobile phone.
  • As a user you do not have to provide someone your private contacts like phone numer or email address anymore.
  • Remain in close contact with anyone you choose while still maintaining your privacy and protecting your identity.
  • Just give out your chosen nickname to a stranger and stay anonymous as long as you prefer.
  • Block people from sending unwanted text messages and emails to your phone with simple SMS.
  • Leave no trace: Your cell phone bill will only show a text to or from our shortcode.
  • We will never reveal any further details about your communications without your consent.
  • Notify friends and family that you need help with a simple message "SOS", sent in a second from your mobile.
  • Keep your social networking, dating and all personal data safe and secure with your mobile phone in your hands.

   [Your mobile number is safe with MobiDigger!]

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