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     MobiDigger, Inc. | About Us

Fact 1: 1 out of 6 women (1 of 19 men) in the US experience stalking in their lifetime!
Fact 2: 1.4 million people are stalked every year in the United States!
Fact 3: Stalking methods are used by phone, mail, social networks and in person.
Your identity is exposed every time you send a text message or email and millions of spam messages are sent to phones.
MobiDigger hides your mobile phone # and email address behind an alias and prohibits spamming and stalking, no software/app is needed.
Users can have multiple identities and decide how long they remain anonymous, keeping their privacy. In Addition advertisers will experience a higher interest and ROI with their campaigns because targeted users’ privacy is protected when they opt in.
MobiDiggers’ services don’t rely on smart phone technology and can be used with any mobile phone.
You will take back your mobile identity with Mobidigger.

MobiDigger, Inc. has been founded in May of 2008. MobiDigger is using self-developed technology, combining with proven web 2.0-technology with gateways for reaching mobile carrier nets. Our technology is provider-, carrier- and aggregator-independent.

MobiDigger's vision is to provide (anonymous) interaction between mobile phone users, web users, businesses and traditional media, independent of professional or private intents and skills.

The founders and members of the MobiDigger management team include experienced entrepreneurs, successful sales professionals, and creative marketing experts. The individuals that make up the management team are as follows: Hubert A.-M. Moik (44): Creator and chief evangelist of the idea, Hubert has been an entrepreneur with multiple ventures to his credit since 1993. He has founded companies in sports and entertainment, marketing and licensing, and in the telecommunication market and lead them as Managing Director in Germany: In 1993 he founded Inmark and worked as a partner of Amblin Entertainment for Jurassic Park, in 1998 Planetlive (sold to Audiofon Group), 2000 Data Storm Systems (sold to Corvus Group), 2004 Inside M2M (sold in early 2007 to a Siemens-OEM).
Michael Kroeber (53): In charge of marketing, Michael is an entrepreneur, who formerly worked Bertelsmann, Lycos, WAZ-Group, and Superserv.
Robert Glatzel (53): In charge of marketing, Robert has been and entrepreneur for 20 years in the advertising-business, et al.: VEBA, Raab Karcher, 3M, and Mazda.

Hubert is also a partner at GO Silicon Valley and on the board of Meet & Eat.

Our advisors, investors and friends of MobiDigger are experienced german and silicon valley angels and professionals.
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